Milo Ventimiglia Reveals How He Found Out Alyssa Milano's Son Is Named After Him

Courtesy of 'Steve'
Milo Ventimiglia (left) and Steve Harvey

He's "such a stud, the sweetest boy, the best athlete," the 'This Is Us' actor says of his namesake on Monday's 'Steve.'

Alyssa Milano revealed over the summer that her son is named after Milo Ventimiglia, and the This Is Us star recently opened up to Steve Harvey about how he learned of the honor.

Ventimiglia appears on Monday's episode of Harvey's talk show, Steve, where he makes the revelation.

Milano and Ventimiglia co-starred in the 2008 horror movie Pathology, and Ventimiglia was close friends with talent agent David Bugliari, who would visit the set frequently. One day, while the two were waiting to film a scene, Milano confessed her love for Bugliari.

Ventimiglia says Milano told him she named their son, now six, after the actor because "you were the first person that I said that 'I love Dave' to, and because of that we kinda want to honor that and the friendship."

Says Ventimiglia of Milano's son: He's "such a stud, the sweetest boy, the best athlete. The kid's going to be a model superstar. He's so beautiful."

The couple also have a three-year-old daughter.

Milano told People over the summer that she credits Ventimiglia for her marriage.

"I used to confide in Milo Ventimiglia and say, 'Is that weird if I date an agent that's at my agency?’ and he was very, like, 'No, if you’re compatible, you should go for it,'" Milano said. "So I feel like he was responsible for my husband and [me] getting together."

Ventimiglia also has admitted that his childhood crush was Milano.

"When I was a kid [my crush] was totally Alyssa Milano," he told W magazine this summer. "I think everybody had a crush on Alyssa Milano, on Who’s the Boss? And then this is the craziest part: she and I did a movie where she played my fiancee. So the first part of the movie, I kind of had to get past that."

During his visit to Steve, Ventimiglia also previewed the next episode of his NBC drama series.