Milo Yiannopoulos Posters Peppered Throughout UCLA Campus

Courtesy of Sabo

The controversial former Breitbart News editor visited the school last year but was met by massive protests, and the event was cut short after a bomb scare.

Students and guests at UCLA for graduation weekend were met by a barrage of unauthorized advertisements for the upcoming Milo Yiannopoulos book, Dangerous, courtesy of a conservative street artist known best for creating fake ads that demean Hollywood celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio and Lena Dunham.

This time, the street artist known as Sabo put dozens of faux ads featuring Yiannopoulos’ image at bus stops, under glass, hanging from light poles, etc., throughout the UCLA campus and in the surrounding area. Yiannopoulos is a former Breitbart News editor who fell out of favor with many conservatives for incendiary comments, including appearing to endorse gay sex with willing teenagers. That incident cost him a $255,000 book deal from Simon & Schuster and led to his resignation at Breitbart.

On Monday, many of the phony ads remained, though some had been defaced. One, for example, had the words “Literal Nazi” scrolled beneath Yiannopoulos’ face.

Yiannopoulos visited UCLA last year during his “Dangerous Faggot” tour but was met by massive protests, and the event was cut short after a bomb scare. Then a follow-up appearance that was scheduled five months ago at UCLA was canceled, in part due to security concerns.

Now his book will be released July 4 from Milo Inc., a multimedia company he says he founded in April with $12 million from anonymous investors, including a $1 million bonus for himself.

Sabo says he didn’t charge Yiannopoulos a fee for promoting his book at UCLA all weekend, he simply supports his work.