Mindy Kaling Chooses Between Michael B. Jordan and Dev Patel on 'Ellen'

Mindy Kaling Who'd You Rather Ellen Screengrab - H 2017

The actress played a star-studded game of "Who'd You Rather?" and had some tough decisions to make.

Ellen DeGeneres joked that everyone knows Mindy Kaling is "very single," so the daytime talk show host decided to have the Mindy Project star play a game of "Who'd You Rather?" and choose from some of Hollywood's most eligible bachelors.

Drake, Jake Gyllenhaal and Bradley Cooper ("B.Coops," as Kaling called him) were all in the running at first until Michael B. Jordan came on the screen.

"You know why I like Michael B. Jordan? He's younger than me," said Kaling. "He makes me youthful. It's like the fountain of youth."

Brad Pitt was up next, but Kaling said he has more baggage than Jordan does, plus a "really pretty" ex in Angelina Jolie. "How am I going to compete with that?" said Kaling. "She drops [the kids] off in sweats. I'm in an Oscar gown — we can't compete." 

The actress diplomatically turned down Jared Leto as a little too "unconventional" for her, and then for the finale had to choose between Jordan and Dev Patel.

"I mean did you see him this year at the Oscars?" said Kaling of Patel. "I'm sorry — bye, Michael B. Jordan." She laughed and asked, "Do I get Dev Patel?"