Mini Caitlyn Jenner, Mini Donald Trump to Star in Raunchy Hollywood Vaudeville Show

Courtesy of Beacher’s Madhouse
Donny Davis, right, as mini Jenner and guest

The Hollywood Roosevelt's Beacher's Madhouse reopens on Oct. 14 and includes a shielded VIP balcony offering anonymity for noted fans like Miley Cyrus.

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The Hollywood Roosevelt's wild Beacher's Madhouse — a vaudevillian variety show featuring little people, strippers, flying performers and famous fans like Miley Cyrus — is reopening Oct. 14 after a remodel that includes a shielded VIP balcony for anonymity. But there are other notable additions: a mini Caitlyn Jenner, portrayed by regular Donny Davis in drag, and a mini Donald Trump, played by Matt McCarthy. The cast already includes a mini Kim Kardashian and a mini Kanye West, "crowd favorites," according to reps for the show.

Owner Jeff Beacher praises part-owner Davis, who, like Jenner, is "an inspiration and an American hero."

"We are honored that Donny Davis choose his theater as his outlet to show his true self to the world. He was the first and only performer partner in Beacher's Theatre Group," Beacher tells THR

In addition to the Jenner and Trump performers, Beacher has enlisted a mini Ariana Grande to join the cast. Beacher's Madhouse offers performances every Wednesday and Friday night. Other than Cyrus, the unique show has welcomed music stars like Steven Tyler, Mick Jagger, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber and John Mayer and movie stars Johnny Depp, Sandra Bullock, Sean Penn, Bradley Cooper, Kevin Spacey and Leonardo DiCaprio. Beacher also maintains a Madhouse in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand.