Steve Carell Makes Mischief in 'Minions: The Rise of Gru' Trailer

The next installment in the 'Minions' franchise is set to hit theaters on Fourth of July weekend.

For the next tale in the Minions franchise, Steve Carell is back as the voice of Gru, except this time the story follows a younger Gru who's already very much a supervillain.

Minions: The Rise of Gru serves simultaneously as a sequel for 2015's Minions and a prequel to the three installments to date in the Despicable Me series, but can also be seen as a stand-alone film.

The trailer opens with a young Gru arriving at Vicious 6 headquarters — aka home of the world's worst villains — to interview for their recent villain opening.

When asked if he really thinks a puny man can be a villain, Gru's response pays tribute to the original movies: "Yes, I'm pretty despicable. You don't want to cross me," and then the villains interviewing him laugh in his face, prompting him to come back when he's done something evil.

So, doing as he's told, Gru steals the villains' precious green stone. As they chase him through the city, he hands the stone off to Otto, one of his minions, and proceeds to let the villains continue to chase him, thinking he still has the stone.

Back in his lair, Gru tells his minions, "This kid just stole something from the world's worst villains in the world!" as clips of the villains suiting up to go find him play. "Now, I will be a supervillain," Gru says as he pulls on "Vicious 6" underwear and dances around his retro-looking bathroom.

When Gru asks Otto where his stone is, the minion goes into this elaborate tale about how he no longer has it because he traded it for a pet rock he fell in love with.

The villains finally find Gru's place and accidentally scare his minions, then ask, "Where's Gru?"

A brief preview of Minions: The Rise of Gru was revealed during the Super Bowl on Sunday. The movie is set to hit theaters July 3.

Watch the full trailer above.