Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz Apologizes to CNN for Journalist's Arrest: "I Take Full Responsibility"

Tim Walz - Getty-H 2020
Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images

"There is absolutely no reason something like this should happen," the governor said of Omar Jimenez being handcuffed.

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz delivered a full-throated apology to CNN, CNN president Jeff Zucker and CNN journalist Omar Jimenez after he was arrested while covering the unrest in Minneapolis following the Monday death of George Floyd while in police custody.

During a press conference Friday morning, Walz said that he was on a call with Zucker a few minutes after hearing about the arrest. He said that Zucker "demanded to know what happened."

"I take full responsibility," Walz said. "There is absolutely no reason something like this should happen. Calls were made immediately. This is a very public apology to that team: It should not happen."

Walz said that he values the role of the press and has tried to ensure press access throughout his administration.

"I am a teacher by trade," he said. "And I have spent my time as governor highlighting the need to be as transparent as possible and have the press here. I failed you last night in that."

Jimenez was arrested after Minnesota State Patrol attempted to clear the area where he and his team were standing and filming.

"We have to got to ensure that there is a safe spot for journalism to tell the story," the governor said.

Addressing the situation and CNN's response, Walz said: "I appreciate president Zucker's call, I appreciate his understanding of the situation that he was rightfully incredibly angry. And that falls squarely on me."