Minnie Driver Slams Donald Trump: "No One Is Saying, 'Boy, I Wish He’d Grab Me by the Pussy'"

Minnie Driver - H 2016
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Minnie Driver - H 2016

In an interview with SiriusXM, the Oscar-nominated actress spoke with Pete Dominick about the Trump controversy and shared her own experiences with sexual assault.

Minnie Driver stopped by SiriusXM to talk about her new show, ABC comedy Speechless, and also share her thoughts on the controversy gripping the nation — thanks to the latest verbal misstep by embattled Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Driver didn’t hold back on expressing her opinion of Trump’s words when describing his methods of persuasion when it comes to wooing women. "It's so funny. Nobody's going, 'Boy, I wish he’d grab me by the pussy,'" the actress said of Trump losing female voters after the resurfaced conversation from 2005. "Nobody said that."

Driver also praised the slew of professional athletes who have spoken out to disprove Trump's "locker room talk" excuse. “The notion of assault, the notion of 'without consent,' it is that aspect that is so troubling and weird,” she said.

Dominick probed Driver about whether or not she had ever been sexually assaulted and the part-time musician said she had, "100 percent." She continued: "The times you would sanction it, when you're young, 17 or 18, you're going out and the idea that unwanted male attention is something that you are supposed to put up with because it is somehow your role ... that you can be shepherded, herded, touched, mauled. I think young women have been belittled when they said something. I remember being called a prude."

She then shared a personal account of a trip she took to Greece at the age of 16. Driver was approached by a man who wanted to dance and wouldn’t take no for an answer. “This guy elbow-grabbed me, and said, ‘You’re going to dance with me,’ and I said, 'No,'" she said. "And I pulled my arm away from him, and he grabbed me by the back of my hair, and I tried to kick him and then he punched me.” 

Despite being rattled by the experience and the man being arrested, Driver said she never pressed charges because the consensus from the police was that if she had just "gone along with it and danced with him," she could have avoided being manhandled.

"I don't know a woman who has not had some form of sexual assault in her life," she said. "I know way too many women."

The actress also spoke about her desire to destroy the myth perpetuated by society that mandates young girls to believe their self-worth is contingent on looks.

“We have to raise girls to believe they are … smart," said Driver. "You’re compassionate, you’re kind, you’re funny, you’re clever … you’re good, you’re interesting … you’re really pretty.”

Watch the full Q&A below for more from Driver on Trump and Speechless


Minnie Driver on Stand Up with Pete Dominick

Posted by SiriusXM Radio on Tuesday, October 11, 2016