Minus Five: Another top exec exits U.K. channel


The revolving door at RTL-owned Five continues to turn: Content chief Lisa Opie has quit.

Hired 18 months ago by Jane Lighting, Opie will be on what is termed "gardening leave" in the U.K. for the next six months.

Opie said Friday that her decision to depart was driven by the appointment of former ITV global content head Dawn Airey to the post of Five chairman and CEO and subsequent exit of Five CEO Lighting (HR 4/30).

"Five is in good health, but Jane's departure and the arrival of Dawn Airey as chairman of Five means that it is time for a change," she said.

After the resignations of Lighting and now Opie, RTL CEO Gerhard Zeiler insisted that Five's content division remains in good shape but said he will step in to assist. (partialdiff)