MIPCOM 2012: Disney Launches Movie On-Demand Service in Portugal With Local Operator ZON

Ratatouille (2007)

About: Remy the rat (Patton Oswalt) arrives in Paris to find that his favorite chef has died, so he works with a kitchen’s garbage boy to reach his culinary dreams.

Pixar First: When it's revealed that Luigi was born out of wedlock, he becomes the first illegitimate child in a Disney film. Prior to Ratatouille, children in Disney films without parents were either orphans or stepchildren, but had been born in wedlock.

Box Office: $623.7 million worldwide.            

Fun Fact: Pixar worked with chef Thomas Keller at his restaurant French Laundry in order to learn more about the art of cooking.


The subscription-based offering is the first of its kind for Disney in Europe.

CANNES – Disney has announced its first branded movie on demand service in Europe, unveiling plans for a SVOD service in Portugal in cooperation with local media group ZON.

The Disney Movies on-demand service will launch in Portugal in November, offering an on-demand selection of Disney and Pixar movies, among them Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl, Ratatouille and Enchanted.

The offering, the first of its kind for Disney in the key European and Middle Eastern market, is part of the studio’s continuing drive to control the branding of its feature content internationally, even when it does not own the distribution outlets its films are screened on.