MIPCOM 2012: Nigella Lawson: 'I Certainly Don't Have a Strategy for Making My Shows Sexy'

Nigella Lawson MIPCOM - P 2012

Nigella Lawson MIPCOM - P 2012

The British TV celebrity spoke to THR about her new series "Nigellisima," which airs on BBC.

“Yes, I’m bosomy and bottom-y, but it’s still an odd thing: I don’t see myself as sexy. In fact, to women I think I’m decidedly unthreatening.”

So said Nigella Lawson, a decidedly good-looking lady whose cooking shows tend to exude a bell-peppery sensuality and for which she avers to be nonplussed, if not indifferent.

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The British TV celeb spoke to THR Tuesday in Cannes while tub-thumbing for her latest series, Nigellisima, which airs on the BBC and which is being licensed internationally by the British pubcaster during the ongoing Mipcom TV market.

“I don’t see it myself,” Lawson mused, seemingly bemused and definitely not defensive about her reputation as the coquette of the international cooking coterie. “I do think I am an intense person, urgent even, but I certainly don’t have a strategy for making my shows sexy,” she said.

Lawson, whose bemused insouciance about such questions offsets the intensity of her persona, did hazard that “food itself is seductive on its own and getting that across in my shows is important.” She attributed the soft-focus, suggestive visuals of her shows to her “extraordinary DP” and suggested that close-ups can highlight things that she’d never consider were visible to the naked eye.

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“It’s not a conscious strategy on my part,” she said., upon reflection, adding: “But, at my age, I’m not offended (by male admiration)!”

No word yet on Nigellisima being licensed in the U.S. Lawson’s previous shows have variously aired on E!, Style, Food Network  and ABC.