MIPCOM: 'Bourne Legacy' Writer-Director Team With 'Hannibal' Producer for Paris-based Series

The Gilroy brothers last teamed up on "The Bourne Legacy."

Gaumont International Television will produce and distribute period drama series “Monsieur de Paris,” about the nation's official executioner, from Tony Gilroy and Dan Gilroy.

Gaumont International Television, producers of NBC's Hannibal and Netflix's Hemlock Grove, have joined forces with director-writer brothers Tony and Dan Gilroy (The Bourne Legacy) on Monsieur de Paris, a new one-hour drama series set in 1930s France.

The series, which Gaumont will produce and sell worldwide, is Oscar-nominated director Tony Gilroy's first venture into TV. The Gilroys will co-write and executive produce the series, which follows France's official executioner, the keeper of the guillotine, who is both state-sanctioned killer and husband and family man.

"We've waited a long time to find the right moment, the right idea, and the right place to have a long-form adventure," said Tony Gilroy, who will also direct the series. "Everyone knows the most imaginative, electric storytelling is happening on the second screen these days and we're terribly excited about being part of it."

Gaumont International Television will pitch the series to international broadcasters at global TV confab MIPCOM in Cannes next month.