MIPCOM: Facebook Is the New Watercooler, Argues Exec

As viewers' talk about TV goes online, Dan Rose urged international TV execs during his keynote to use postings and Instagram video to promote their shows.

CANNES -- Facebook is the new watercooler.

So said Dan Rose, vp partnerships at Facebook, on Monday during a keynote address at MIPCOM.

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As people log on to the social media platform via their mobile devices or desktop computers, Rose argued that they're increasingly talking about what they're watching, or have just watched, on TV.

"Now rather than wait until I get to the office the next day to talk about Breaking Bad, I can have those conversations as the show is happening," Rose told a media mastermind series audience in Cannes.

The Facebook exec used the French words "machine a cafe" to describe Europe's watercooler equivalent, as he offered a primer to international TV delegates on how they can reach Facebook's 1 billion users to promote their shows.

"Facebook and Instagram represent new opportunities to get people tuning into your TV content," Rose argued.

To reach fans, Rose advised using hashtags and trending topics that Facebook is slowly rolling out to reach viewers.

The keynote address was also peppered with examples of how Hollywood and sport celebrities like Jimmy Fallon, Vin Diesel and Le Bron James have uploaded Instagram videos online to connect with fans.

Rose also pointed to Facebook currently experimenting at the beta stage with the public feed API, which displays real-time public posts for a specific word.

The analytics available from the new tools offer information about the gender, age group and geographic locations of real-time users of Facebook.

Broadcasters taking part in the public feed API trials now include TF1 and Canal Plus in France, Food Network UK and Channel Four in Britain, and Discovery Network International.