MIPCOM: HBO Nordic Nabs Amazon Series 'Bosch'

Jimmy O'Phelan

The leader of the Real IRA group, Jimmy O'Phelan (Titus Welliver), had a long history with SAMCRO member Chibs (Tommy Flanagan) -- and by "long history" we mean he kicked Chibs out of the Real IRA, banished him from Ireland, stole his wife and scarred up his face. After Jimmy tried to kill SAMCRO members on more than one occasion, and then used Jax's son as leverage to get safe passage out of Ireland, he was eventually betrayed by the Russians and handed over to SAMCRO. Chibs got to have his revenge, carving a Glasgow Smile onto his face and then stabbing him to death.

Titus Welliver stars in the procedural adapted from Michael Connelly's best-selling novels

HBO Nordic, the Time Warner-owned premium TV network's Scandinavian division, has picked up pay TV rights in the region for Bosch, the new crime series produced by Fabrik Entertainment for Amazon Studios.

Swedish group MTG has bought free TV rights for Sweden and Norway, while Eagle Pictures has snatched up Italian rights for the series.

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Titus Welliver stars as Harry Bosch, a hard-boiled L.A. homicide detective who often strays over the line in his pursuit of justice. The series, adapted from Michael Connelly's best-selling novel franchise, is currently in production with showrunner Eric Overmyer (Treme). 

Amazon has exclusive rights to Bosch in the territories in which it operates its Amazon Prime Video SVOD service. German-based sales group Red Arrow International is handling world sales in all other territories and will be pitching the series to global buyers at next week's Mipcom TV market in Cannes.

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