MIPCOM: 'iCarly' Star Jennette McCurdy on Netflix's 'Between' Second Season

Between Netlix Still - H 2015

Between Netlix Still - H 2015

The actress and fellow castmembers were in Cannes to talk about six more episodes of the Canadian outbreak thriller.

The first-season finale for Netflix's Between saw no end to the quarantine at Pretty Lake that followed a mysterious disease killing anyone over the age of 21.

But that hasn't stopped Jennette McCurdy, who plays Wiley Day, a cynical teen mother stumbling into a chaotic adulthood, from looking for her character on the Canadian survivalist thriller to do some growing up in the upcoming second season. "There's a lot of child neglecting that my character does. She is irresponsible and kind of reckless," McCurdy tells The Hollywood Reporter of her breakout adult role in the Netflix series after she starred on Nickelodeon's iCarly and its spinoff, Sam & Cat.

"I hope for the second season that she finds herself a little more," the actress says. "That would be fun and nice to explore. She's not really nice to anybody, except to Adam, so I'd like to see her develop healthier relationships."

She and fellow castmembers were in Cannes this week to talk about another six episodes of Between that are on the way. The second season will see young people in Sleepy Lake very much at personal crossroads and figuring out how to survive among competing factions without a cure to end the plague or adults to restore order.

Justin Kelly, who plays Chuck, a born leader-turned-broken young man at the end of the first season, said he'd like to see his character get his life back together in the sophomore season. "It could go either way: He could fall into a depression, which takes him to a 180, where we met him in the first two episodes, or he could work on picking up the pieces and try to figure himself out," Kelly says.

The second season will also answer whether Wiley's sister, Melissa (Brooke Palsson), died at the end of the first season or remains alive. "Whether she does or doesn't (die), that will be interesting and definitely affect Wiley," McCurdy says.

The Canadian drama, which also airs on City in Canada, was created by Michael McGowan, and is executive produced by Don Carmody, David Cormican, Naveen Prasad. and McGowan, in association with Elevation Pictures.