MIPCOM: Legendary Mexican Comedian Chespirito Biopic Series in the Works

Chesperito P 2014
AP Images/Invision

THR3 Media Group is teaming with Grupo Chespirito to produce a “media universe” of shows, films and other content based on the characters created by the late Mexican actor Chespirito, one of which inspired the Bumblebee Man from 'The Simpsons.'

The wacky world of the late, legendary Mexican TV comedian Chespirito is set for a comeback, thanks to a new deal, announced Monday between Hispanic media company THR3 Media Group and Grupo Chespirito, the company set up by Chespirito — aka Roberto Gómez Bolaños — and his son Roberto Gómez Fernández, tasked with preserving Chespirito’s legacy and bringing his work to new generations.

The companies said they will collaborate to produce a "Chespirito Media Universe" of family-friendly TV shows, feature films and other content based on Chespirito's works.

In his long career, the Mexican comedian created more than 100 original characters, dozens of sitcoms and some 40 movies. He was best known for his slapstick roles in the Televisa series El Chavo del Ocho, El Chapulin Colorado and Chespirito. One of his characters — a giant red grasshopper in El Chapulin Colorado — inspired Matt Groening to create the Spanish-speaking Bumblebee Man character for The Simpsons.

Chespirito died in 2014.

The Chespirito Media Universe will kick off with a biopic series on the man himself. Other projects will follow in various genres, including animation, remakes and comics, as well as series and feature films, the companies said.

“It is a project that my father only imagined in dreams,” said Roberto Gómez Fernández, adding that the Chespirito Media Universe would preserve his father's legacy “in the hearts of the people” for many more generations to come.

“Who in Latin America didn't grow up watching Chespirito’s content?” said THR3 Media Group CEO Bruce Boren. “The commitment to bring the universal humor that characterized Don Roberto is unique and it is a true honor that our company can co-produce content with Grupo Chespirito.”