MIPCOM: Norwegian Doc Series 'Dining with the Enemy' Lining Up Deals

The project focuses on conflict zones -- and food.

A Norwegian documentary series about conflict zones and food around the world is lining up format deals on the Cannes Croisette.

Produced by Norwegian journalist turned producer Gry Winther, Dining with the Enemy has already copped awards in Europe for its fresh approach to difficult subjects and become one of the buzzworthy titles on offer at the four-day sales bazaar.

The idea behind the series, Winther told The Hollywood Reporter, was to make political conflicts around the world more "understandable" to a wider audience. "At the same time I wanted to capture the life and passions of the people directly involved in these difficult circumstances. Food, culture and travel are involved, too."

Since, as she put it, Winther needed a hook, the original series is centered around an actual war correspondent and former colleague who also happens to love cooking. Each episode shows him preparing and sharing a meal with local people on each side of the particular conflict he happens to be covering or revisiting in the aftermath of war.

Per Winther, the distributor of the doc, Nordic World, has sealed a format deal with TV5 in Canada and options to shop the remake rights have been picked up by sales agents in the U.S., the U.K. and in Benelux.