MIPCOM: ScreenHits App to Come Installed on Samsung Smart TVs (Exclusive)

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Rose Adkins

The deal being announced at MIPCOM will give users access to movies, TV shows and other content, including TV pilots

ScreenHits, created two years ago in part as a platform to allow content owners to go directly to consumers, announced Wednesday at MIPCOM that it has partnered with Samsung Electronics, which will pre-install the service in its smart TVs giving users access to movies, TV shows, TV pilots and other content and services.

This is similar to what Netflix and others have done where they embed a path to their service in a TV or game system before it is sold.

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In this case, the viewer can elect to use the service for free, with commercials, or pay a fee and watch content commercial-free. Among the providers are Fox International Channels, Telemundo, Fremantle, eOne, Relativity, Caracol, Venevision and others. There is also an option to rent movies or TV shows.

“We are providing worldwide viewers hyper-curated programming,” said ScreenHits CEO Rose Adkins, “that will allow discovery of new and venerable shows and films from producers around the globe.”

The selection includes about 250 choices ranging from recent films like Don Jon to classic movies including African Queen and Psycho to independent films, telenovelas, documentaries and recent TV pilots – some of which never made it onto a network.

“We created local relationships with each of the Samsung territories that we are launching in to develop a product that was right for their customers on a local level," said Adkins, "as well as to develop a targeted marketing campaign that not only promoted our local and global content, but offered Samsung customers something unique and tailored to their specific needs.”

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This is the first deal to embed ScreenHits into a TV or electronic device. During 2015, Adkin said the app will also be available in Android and IOS phones.

Viewers will also have access to ScreenHit’s Pilot Showcase, which occurs twice a year. This makes new pilots available to consumers, sometime before they air on a network.

Adkins, based in London, founded ScreenHits about two years ago. It also operates an online market which international sales companies and producers use to sell or license their movies and shows outside of the various markets.