MIPCOM VIDEO BLOG: Matthew Modine On Saving The World In ‘Cat 8’

Matthew Modine 2012
Getty Images

The “Dark Knight Rises” actor discusses the challenges of making the new apocalyptic mini-series.

Golden Globe-nominated actor Matthew Modine sat down with THR’s International Editor Scott Roxborough at television market MIPCOM in Cannes to discuss his new role in event mini-series Cat 8. The two-part disaster film from Canada’s Muse Entertainment (Being Human) stars Modine as a renegade scientist struggling to save the world after a defense project backfires, sending a massive fireball hurtling towards the earth. Directed by Kevin Fair (Smallville) and produced by Irene Litinsky (Human Trafficking), Cat 8co-stars Maxim RoyReGenesis), Ted Whittall (Smallville) and Susan Hogan (Battlestar Galactica). Sonar Entertainment is selling the series worldwide.

Modine spoke with THR about the challenges of playing the action hero and how making a Canadian mini-series “felt bigger” than making a Christopher Nolan blockbuster. THR produced this video in cooperation with MIPCOM.