MIPTV 2013: Alphanim Rebrands as Gaumont Animation

Noddy Car - H 2012

Noddy Car - H 2012

The company announces its first production deal with France Televisions and DreamWorks Classics.

PARIS -- French children’s animation studio Alphanim unfurled a new banner as Gaumont Animation, and announced it will develop a remake of the beloved British classic Noddy with DreamWorks Classics and France Televisions. The 52-episode series will be in 3D CGI.

The rebranding is part of the company’s overall strategic development plan to produce original and classic content for the children’s market, said Gaumont vice CEO Christophe Riandee and Gaumont Animation’s new managing director Pierre Belaisch in a joint statement.

“I am confident that with our new strategic game plan, new shows and new name, we are moving into a very rewarding period for our company,” said Belaisch in the statement.  “As we continue to gain international prominence, we will continue to refine our goals while always providing world-class programming for an ever-growing global audience.”

“With the renaming of Alphanim to Gaumont Animation, and the creation of Gaumont International Television in 2011, we are delighted to be recognized as an independent studio with a unique vision for expansion into the television and animation arenas, along with our continued growth and overall success in the movie business,” added Riandee.

Parent company Gaumont is still basking in the success of international big screen blockbuster The Intouchables, which has taken in over $426 million (€318 million) worldwide since bowing in 2011. The company also launched its TV division (GTI) the same year and is currently in production with Hannibal for NBC, Hemlock Grove for Netflix and co-producing Barbarella with French pay TV giant Canal Plus.

Gaumont Animation will make its debut at MIPTV held in Cannes, France April 8-11.