MIPTV 2013: BAFTA Winner Gerald Fox to Tout His Drama Debut Himself

The award-winning doc maker aims to ink deal memos for "Mother's Milk," starring Jack Davenport and Diana Quick, after it rolled out in U.K. movies theaters late last year.

LONDON -- BAFTA award-winning filmmaker Gerald Fox is to tout his own first feature length drama Mother’s Milk, to buyers at MIPTV.

Fox, a producer, director and writer of award-winning arts documentaries and series such as the BAFTA and RTS Award-winning The Fundamental Gilbert and George film about two eccentric artists and the 2005 feature-length documentary about seminal American photographer Robert Frank, is aiming to ink broadcast deals for his film.

The 95-minute single drama is an adaptation of Edward St. Aubyn’s novel Mother’s Milk.

Adapted for the screen by Fox and St. Aubyn, the drama is produced by Foxy Films and stars Jack Davenport  (Pirates of the Caribbean) and Diana Quick (Brideshead Revisited).

Billed as an English drama, it details the story of a family coming to terms with the imminent loss of their beloved home in Provence.

The one-off drama rolled out in U.K. cinemas in November last year via indie micro distributor Guerilla Films and is executive produced by Melvyn Bragg and David Nicholas Wilkinson having been developed with backing from the U.K. Film Council.

Fox has produced over 40 arts films for ITV, Channel 4 and Bravo.

He also wrote, produced and directed the series adaptation of Terry Pratchett’s novel Johnny and the Dead for ITV.