MIPTV 2014: Twitter's Chief Media Scientist to Deliver Keynote

Deb Roy - P

Deb Roy - P

Deb Roy will discuss the impact of social media on television and what it means for networks, advertisers and creatives.

PARIS -- With hashtags and live tweeting changing the way television is watched, Twitter’s chief media scientist, Deb Roy, will present a keynote address at the television industry confab on April 8 to address social media's impact on TV programming.

Roy’s talk will concentrate on how social media platforms have created what he calls “the social soundtrack for TV,” when viewers are using mobile devices to discuss on-air programming in real time and how Twitter can increase the impact of an advertisers message through its platform. The pubic interaction surrounding TV programming is unprecedented in media.

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He'll discuss what this means for TV networks, advertisers and creatives.

Roy was the founding CEO of Bluefin labs, a social TV analytics company before it was acquired by Twitter in 2013, and he has conducted extensive research into artificial intelligence, human-machine interaction and cognitive psychology through his work on language, games and social dynamics at MIT.

MIPTV will run April 7-10 in Cannes.