MIPTV: Did Felix Baumgartner Mistake Gene Simmons for Ozzy Osborne?

Felix Baumgartner CBS This Morning - H 2012

Felix Baumgartner CBS This Morning - H 2012

"I just met Ozzy Osbourne! I love his music!" the Austrian space diver posted under a picture of him and the Kiss frontman.

CANNES -- It's not always easy telling reality stars -- or rock legends -- apart. Austrian space diver Felix Baumgartner found that out last night after he met one of his music idols at the television trade fair MIPTV in Cannes and rushed to tell his Facebook friends about it.

"Hey check that out! I am in Cannes and guess how I just met!!? Ozzy Osbourne! Such a cool guy! I love his music!! Rock on," wrote Baumgarnter, under a picture of him and Kiss frontman Gene Simmons.

Simmons was in town to promote his new reality show, Busted, which eOne is shopping to channels worldwide. Baumgartner was at MIPTV to discuss his space jump, which became the most-watched live event on YouTube, with some 8 million views.

Fans of the Austrian daredevil were quick to mock him for his case of mistaken identity.

"I think you left your brain in the stratosphere, Felix," joked one poster, while another quipped: "Simmons just posted the same picture and wrote 'I just met Ryan Seacrest, I love his shows'!"

But the joke may have been on them. In a later post, in German, Felix pointed to a link he had posted on April 6 that lists both him and Simmons as VIPs attending MIP.

"Congratulations to everyone who got it (the joke)," wrote Baumgartner, "remember, humor means laughing in spite of it all". He signed the post: Felix & Gene.