MIPTV: Netflix Cuts Multi-Territory Deal for BBC's 'The Musketeers'

BBC America
"The Musketeers"

BBC Worldwide, the U.K. public broadcaster's commercial arm, also sells the first and forthcoming second season of the swashbuckling costume drama to French television network NT1.

The BBC's big-budget contemporary costume drama take on classic characters created by Alexandre Dumas, The Musketeers, which airs on BBC America, is swashbuckling its way around the globe.

BBC Worldwide, the U.K. public broadcaster's commercial arm, said it has struck a deal with Netflix for multiple territories for the first season of 10 episodes and an order for the forthcoming second series.

Netflix will carry The Musketeers on its VOD service in Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia, the Bahamas and the Dominican Republic.

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BBC Worldwide, ahead of MIPTV, also struck a deal with French television network NT1 for both seasons of the 17th-century Paris-set show.

BBC Worldwide president global markets Paul Dempsey said: "I’m particularly interested to see how French audiences embrace this new take on Dumas’ swashbuckling heroes (and villains)."

The Musketeers has also sold to SKY (New Zealand), TVE Spain, RTP Portugal, HRT (Croatia), Ren TV (Russia), ETV (Estonia), LTV (Latvia), SPI (Pan C&EE and Poland), MTVA (Hungary), Prime Media (Kazakhstan), KBS (South Korea) and BBC Channels in Latin America.

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The show is made by BBC Drama Productions and co-produced by BBC Worldwide and BBC America.

BBC Worldwide launched the show to buyers at the BBC Worldwide Showcase 2014 in February with castmembers Luke Pasqualino (d’Artagnan), Tom Burke (Athos), Santiago Cabrera (Aramis), Howard Charles (Porthos), Alexandra Dowling (Queen Anne) and Maimie McCoy (Milady) all on hand to stir buyers into action.

Deals for Germany, Norway, Sweden, Ukraine, Greece and Turkey were already in place.