MIPTV: Star China Hires Executives Michel Rodrigue, ?MJ Sorenson for Global Development

The appointments are the latest stage in a major shake-up at Star China, following 21st Century Fox's recent sale of its 47 percent stake in the channel.

Star China Media has tapped Michel Rodrigue, CEO of The Format People, and MJ Sorenson, president of MJ Global Communications, to handle international programming projects and global industry press.

“We are delighted to collaborate with Michel, whose extensive international formats and programming expertise will propel us to the next level in the worldwide television industry,” said Vivian Yin, chief representative of Star China Media and vice president of Starry Productions.

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“We are also pleased that MJ, whose media knowledge and connections, will join Michel to ensure Star China’s top-rated programming is represented in the media at the highest level,” Yin said.

The international team will be active at MIPTV 2014, with a major program announcement.

The appointment is the latest stage in a major reorganization of Star China.

Rupert Murdoch's 21st Century Fox sold its 47 percent stake in Star China TV, which runs three Chinese-language television stations, to the company's management team and the private equity fund, China Media Capital, back in January.

Established in 2010 and majority-owned by Chinese media executive Li Ruigang's CMC, the joint venture operates three 24-hour channels: Xing Kong, Xing Kong International and Channel [V] Mainland China. It also operates the Fortune Star Chinese movie library.

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Murdoch reduced Fox's holding in Star China from a controlling stake back in 2010, after struggling to gain traction in the Chinese market due to the highly regulated nature of the media business and multiple barriers to entry for foreign companies.

“I am honored to work with Star China and Vivian Yin -- one of the truly outstanding media leaders of China; and CEO Tian Ming -- a legendary figure in the Chinese media industry,” said Rodrigue.

He said Star China had earned a reputation as one of the premier format producers, launching the immensely successful program this year -- Sing My Song -- the first Chinese original entertainment format to go out to the international marketplace.

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