MIPTV: Studiocanal’s Rola Bauer, Disney’s Ben Pyne Receive Medal of Honor

Rola Bauer

The execs were celebrated at MIPTV's annual awards dinner alongside Mexico's Marcel Vinay and India's Punit and Amit Goenka.

Five executives from around the world were celebrated Wednesday at MIPTV’s annual awards fete, with Disney president global distribution Ben Pyne, Studiocanal’s head of U.S. television production Rola Bauer, Comarex president Marcel Vinay and Zeel co-CEOs and brothers Punit and Amit Goenka receiving the TV confab’s Medal of Honor.

The black-tie gala at the Carlton Hotel in Cannes was truly a celebration of international TV, as the honor is given to executives from around the world who have made a significant contribution to the field of television, with Bauer hailing from Germany, Vinay from Mexico and the Goenka brothers from India.

Bauer, who is credited with pioneering the international co-production model, was praised in a video featuring actors Ian McShane and Donald Sutherland. McShane called her a "passionate, committed and tough producer," while Sutherland said, "She's as wonderful a producer as you can ever possibly have."

After Bauer said all five honorees should create a massive co-production, Pyne joked the negotiations could begin immediately in the Carlton's dining room. "I love to negotiate around the clock, an all-nighter is my dessert," joked Pyne. "After all, I'm just a sales guy."

The Goenka brothers are the first Indian executives to receive the honor. They built Zee TV from a local network into a global powerhouse, which now reaches 950 million viewers around the world. They launched in the Philippines earlier this week and will bow their first European channel in Germany in July.

Bauer, whose productions include the Eddie Redmayne-starring The Pillars of the Earth, was celebrated for her part in establishing the international co-production model which has transformed the global TV landscape.

Vinay is famous for bringing Mexico's telenovelas to the world. He said they were performed live on Mexican television before he began filming them and packaging them for international distribution in the 1960s.