MIPTV Unveils New Strategy for 2020

Cannes France - H 2015
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Cannes France - H 2015

The spring conference will focus on data and market intelligence, as well as add programming blocks of factual, formats and kids content.

MIPTV is getting a makeover.

The spring conference, long twinned to MIPCOM in October, will add a major focus on data and analytics, adding a market intelligence strand.

"In this complex marketplace, we know everything is changing so quickly and people need to really understand where the market is going," said Reed Midem director of television Laurine Garaude. "[Attendees] are looking to us to deliver some market intelligence of the highest level."

“This will really help the buyers to future-proof their business,” added deputy director Lucy Smith.

MIPTV will also add three dedicated screening summits in the vein of the Sunday MIPDrama event, with factual, formats and kids content programs.

Boosting the number of buyers is also a priority, with conference organizers inviting and hosting more commissioners from around the world. Three thousand-plus buyers attended last year's April event, compared to the 4,700 at MIPCOM. They will be targeting streaming platforms from specific regions.

Organizers said 230 big-name buyers have already signed on, and they'll be using those names to attract other top talent.

The well-received InDevelopment program connecting producers that was launched last year will continue. "We are positioning it in a way that allows the producers who are bringing projects to this [conference] to really connect with distributors and buyers, and it's much more about finding new financing partners.”

After extensive talks with past attendees, organizers will also shake up the keynote schedule to allow for more mid-day networking events, plus open up the Palais floor plan and allow booths to be more flexible.

Changing the booth makeup to avoid expensive build-outs was particularly important to many attendees. “In an era where budgets are an issue, it's important to take that into account,” said Garaude.

The two trade fairs consciously uncoupled back in June, meaning companies are no longer required to book stands at both conferences and the two weeks will grow differently.