MIPTV: Vice to Launch Daily Shortform Program for Mobile

Shane Smith - H 2015
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Shane Smith - H 2015

The company also previewed content from its new female-centric Broadly channel and its partnership with LiveNation.

A year after announcing Vice News at MIPTV, the media company will launch a daily shortform program for mobile utiliszing content from across its many channels, said global head of content Alex Miller at the media company's digital front presentation at MIPTV Wednesday.

He emphasized the company's recently announced content deal with HBO to produce a nightly newscast aimed at millennials, as well as push content across multiple platforms.

"Vice is uniquely positioned to be able to run content across all screens and as such we are also announcing that we are starting a daily shortform show for mobile only," he said.

The HBO program will also roll out globally and not be U.S.-centric, added chief creative officer Eddy Moretti. "We create these digital channels that are driven by video, and the video is moving to different platforms, and in news it's going to HBO in a remarkable way. It's not an American news show; it's a global news show. And that's the really core of what we do," he said.

They also previewed some content from their new channel Broadly, which was announced in February, and the content for its new partnership with concert promoter LiveNation, announced last November.

Broadly will focus on communicating issues with millennial women, said publisher Shannon Kelly, who spearheaded the initiative with the company. "If you look at the current landscape of global media, there is no platform that talks to women the way they talk to each other that specializes in online video content, and especially in the voice and attitude and approach to journalism that we have at Vice," she said, adding that young women are an underserved market and Vice saw a market opportunity.

With LiveNation, Vice will be launching a dozen new half-hour and hourlong franchises, Moretti said. "They will get started online and migrate to other platforms, including TV."

Moretti previewed clips from the joint venture, announced in November, including an experimental "live" music video created in collaboration with Spike Jonze, which is a template for eight additional videos that will be shot around the world over the summer and folded into a one-hour special to debut later this year.

Moretti closed the presentation by emphasizing Vice's foray into feature films. "We are making feature films — we're not planning on making films, we are not hoping to move towards making films. I'm reading scripts now, we are greenlighting things now, we are in production in the deserts of California now."

The company will produce at least two films per year for the next three years, under the terms of a co-production, financing and distribution deal with 20th Century Fox.