Mira Nair of 'Queen of Katwe': "Authenticity is a Huge Part of What Gives Me That Life [on Film]" | Director Oscar Roundtable

"I always love putting incredibly skilled actors, great legendary actors sometimes, opposite people who had never thought to act before."

"The only cinema theater that existed in this little town [in East India where she was raised] showed us only one film every Sunday morning, and that was Doctor Zhivago," Mira Nair told The Hollywood Reporter during the Director Oscar Roundtable.

On shooting her own film, she said the greatest moments were being on set. "I love the shooting. The challenge is the eye of the storm, how to capture life. I also shoot in real locations. Authenticity is a huge part of what gives me that life. Shooting in Katwe, the worst slum, it was the same. The community came out, the pigs came out, the goats came out, the mud came out, the brick kilns were smoking," said Nair on shooting on location for Queen of Katwe.

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