Miramax: Drawing a royal flux


President Daniel Battsek has hit his stride at Miramax, which nearly tripled its 2006 take of $46.1 million in 2007. "The Queen," an Oscar winner for Helen Mirren, kicked off the year, collecting nearly $28 million of its $56.4 million domestic gross during 2007. The English period drama "Becoming Jane" and the gritty Boston detective tale "Gone Baby Gone" contributed solid returns. But pride of place went to the Coen brothers' rigorously bleak "No Country for Old Men" -- it has grabbed $42.3 million to date, grossing more than any other of the filmmaking team's films. Now "No Country" is positioned to go head-to-head in the awards season against that other critical favorite, "There Will Be Blood," which Miramax will handle internationally, having co-produced the project with Par Vantage.

Miramax 2007 boxofficeRelease dateBoxoffice
The Lookout3/30      4.6
The Hoax4/6      7.2
Golden Door5/25      1.1
Eagle vs. Shark6/15        0.2
Becoming Jane8/3     18.7
Gone Baby Gone10/19     20.3
No Country for Old Men11/9     42.3
The Diving Bell and the Butterfly11/30        1.0
The Queen9/30/06     28.0
Venus12/21/06      3.2
2007 total: $126.5 mil