Miranda Cosgrove: 5 Things to Know (Video)

Larry Marano/Getty Images

The star's 'Dancing Crazy Summer Tour' was postponed Thursday after her tour bus was in an accident.

Miranda Cosgrove postponed the rest of her "Dancing Crazy Summer Tour" after an accident in southern Illinois left the actress and singer with a broken ankle. 

Here are five things to know about the 18-year old L.A. native.

1. After graduating high school this year, she won't be attending college in the fall. Despite telling Seventeen magazine "My ultimate dream is to go to the University of Southern California for two years and then New York University for two years," Cosgrove decided to defer being accepted to both. 

2. She is one of the highest paid child actors. Nickelodeon's iCarly star pulls in $180,000 an episode for her web-based series, which was picked up for a fifth season in April. She has stared in the show since its 2007 start.

3. Cosgrove started acting at the age of three. The actress got her start in commercials as a toddler, before appearing as the scene-stealing character, band manager Summer Hathaway in Jack Black's School of Rock in 2003.  

4. The "Dancing Crazy Summer Tour" is her first. "It's a lot like camp," she said of traveling on the bus with a bunch of guys on tour for her second solo album High Maintenance. "I get a lot more nervous performing on stage than I do with iCarly for sure," she has admitted of the live shows.

5. The actress doesn't have a boyfriend, but wants one. Durning an appearance on Ellen earlier this year, she described her perfect man as Shia LaBeouf and Zach Efron's looks put together with a Michael Cera personality.