Miranda Cosgrove on Drew Barrymore's Directing Style: 'She’s Really Like Your Best Friend' (Video)

The “iCarly” actress teamed up with other young stars for the Best Coast music video, helmed by the Hollywood icon.

Shortly before postponing her tour due to a broken ankle, Miranda Cosgrove appeared in the Drew Barrymore directed music video “Our Deal” by California rockers Best Coast.
For Cosgrove, working with the long-time Hollywood actress was a dream come true.
“I had a great time,” the iCarly star told MTV. “I’ve been watching Drew Barrymore movies ever since I was really little, so I was nervous to meet her.”
Those nerves soon settled though, as she recalls Barrymore’s sunny disposition.
“She’s really like your best friend,” Cosgrove said of the new director. “She’s really laid-back and she was really excited to be doing the video and super into it.”
“You have to be a leader of joy,” Barrymore told The Hollywood Reporter earlier this month. “The totally laid-back drives me nuts also. That doesn’t work for me either. We are gonna GO FOR IT. But have the best time.”
“I like to push people,” she added. “When it comes to emotionality. I want to be crying with you, it’s so personal to me.”

Cosgrove was involved in a tour bus accident early Thursday  morning. She suffered a broken ankle and has postponed the remainder of her “Dancing Crazy Summer Tour” until further notice.
Watch the video below, which also stars Teen Wolf’s Tyler Posey and Kick-AssChloe Moretz.