Miranda Kerr Covers Flesh Belt With Actual Belt

Miranda Kerr - H 2015
Sthanlee B. Mirador

The latest trend in belly button concealing.

Beginning in the year 2013, Taylor Swift's pension for high-waisted bottoms and crop tops launched the Internet into frenzied speculation about whether the popstar, who is superhuman in many ways, actually possessed a belly button. As it turns out, Swift was just a big fan of hiding her navel. But now, Miranda Kerr has officially one-upped the crop-top enthusiast with a new method of belly button concealing.  

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On Monday evening, Kerr arrived at Elle's Women in Hollywood celebration sporting a blue satin suit with a rather unusual, Carrie Bradshaw-like twist. Under her blazer, the supermodel rocked a bandeau-style top (hello, abs) and a matching blue belt strapped around her waist which effectively hid her belly button from view. 

We know what you're thinking — aren't belts for holding up pants or cinching waistlines in oversized dresses? The answer: Yes. So what is this fashion anarchy? To be honest, we're not too sure ourselves, but all in all we applaud Kerr for taking this sartorial risk (and for giving T. Swift some competition).