'Mirror Mirror': Lily Collins Shows Off Her Singing Skills, Ponders a Future in Musicals

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For Snow White's wedding, Lily Collins recalls Ishioka telling her, "I want you to be wrapped up like a present, not just for the prince but for everyone watching."

The actress and daughter of Phil Collins, who flexes her vocal cords during the film’s end credits, tells THR that music is “very much a part of who I am.”

Stepping out from her famous father’s shadow, Lily Collins (daughter of music legend Phil Collins) has come into her own as a Hollywood actress thanks to her breakout role in 2009’s The Blind Side. Now, the 23-year-old takes on the classic role of Snow White in Relativity’s Mirror Mirror.

“Growing up in England, I was all over every fairytale,” Collins told The Hollywood Reporter. “I loved Snow White, loved Aladdin. I knew all the words to all the songs. I was the kid that pressed rewind all the time.”

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While Tarsem Singh’s retelling shares little in common with Disney’s adaptation, Collins does show off her vocal skills with a Bollywood-inspired dance number during the end credits.

“It's so funny, I really want everyone to know because everyone's like, ‘That wasn't you,’ and I'm like, ‘It really was!’” Collins told THR. “I went into the sound studio, into a sound booth, and I recorded it and the dwarves recorded bits in the melodies. This was my first experiment with going out there and singing -- Bollywood, nonetheless.”

“I never thought I'd be doing that,” she continued. “It was so much fun and I've always loved singing, writing songs and kind of experimenting with that. I wouldn't say that it's my goal right now to come out with an album or anything, but it's so much a part of who I am and if there's a movie like this one that involves singing, I think that's kind of the perfect way to segue into it and experiment.”

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So would Collins be open to pursuing a musical in the same vein of Hairspray, Mamma Mia or Rock of Ages?

“Yeah, why not? I used to do musicals on stage and in plays,” the actress replied. “I had so much fun with that and I think that’s a whole other element to add to a film. I enjoy watching them myself, so yeah, I’d love to do a musical.”

Mirror Mirror opens nationwide on Friday, March 30. To read The Hollywood Reporter’s review of the film, click here.