'Mirror Mirror' Trailer Draws Criticism Around the Internet

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Roberts' Evil Queen will go head-to-head next year with Charlize Theron's version in the other Snow White project, Snow White and the Huntsman, from Universal.

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UPDATED: Relativity’s first teaser for its upcoming Snow White film centered around Julia Roberts as the Evil Queen has disappointed some film fanatics.

For a long time, Relativity’s Snow White project didn’t even have a name, but movie buffs aren’t lost for words when it comes to describing the first trailer for Mirror Mirror.  

Reflections on Mirror Mirror were not pretty overall. Of course, the project was compared to Universal’s Snow White and the Huntsman, which released its trailer a few days earlier.

The two projects could not be more different. While Universal’s Snow White tale features Kristen Stewart as a tough Snow White and Charlize Theron as a very dark evil queen, Relativity’s project features bright and beautiful settings, a peppy Snow White (Lily Collins) and a campy, quirky feel. Additionally, Relativity's project is aimed at mothers and children, while Universal's targets an older audience.

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The first trailer for Tarsem Singh’s Mirror Mirror is centered around Julia Roberts as the Queen, but critics were not a fan of her bubbly version.

“In Mirror Mirror the evil queen is played by Julia Roberts, and the most evil thing she does is pull funny faces at the dinner table,” wrote The Guardian’s Stuart Heritage. “Julia Roberts is a terrible evil queen.”

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“It’s hard seeing America’s Sweetheart attempt to play evil while still giving audiences her ’Richard Gere just slammed a necklace case shut on my fingers’ Pretty Woman laugh instead of evil cackles — especially when re-enacting the Gone With the Wind corset scene,” wrote Julie Miller at MovieLine.

“Julia Roberts does not work as an evil queen,” wrote Get The Big Picture. “Even as the wannabe Shrek-villain sassy evil queen, she just doesn't sell the malevolence.  There's a reason she almost always plays the protagonist of the movie.

PHOTOS: Kristen Stewart Vs. Lily Collins Projects: Anatomy of a Snow White Smackdown

“If I'm being honest, though, my reaction to the Mirror Mirror trailer is a bit of a recoil, and I'm frankly startled by how tone-deaf it seems to be,” wrote Drew McWeeny of HitFix. “Whimsy is a hard thing to pull off for anyone, and Tarsem's never really exhibited any inclination towards it in his previous work.”

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“When you have jokes as obvious and ham-handed as the ones in this trailer, it feels very lowest common denominator, and whatever you want to say about Tarsem's films before now, that has not been the phrase I'd used to describe them,” added McWeeny.

“Initially considered its selling point, director Tarsem Singh’s usual ornate visuals are on display, though even those are rendered inherently cartoonish under the weight of so much concentrated goofiness,” wrote Sean O'Neal of The A.V. Club.

Watch the trailer for Mirror Mirror here.