Mischa Barton: 'The Bling Ring' 'Creeps Me Out'

Phillipe Lopez/AFP/Getty Images
Mischa Barton

The former "O.C." star takes to Twitter to complain about the film featuring a group of fame-obsessed teenagers led by Emma Watson.

The Bling Ring, Sofia Coppola's new film about the Hollywood burglaries committed by a group of celeb-obsessed teenagers, is a hit with moviegoers and victim Paris Hilton, who tweeted that she loved the film.

But another celeb referenced in the movie is not so happy about it. The O.C. star Mischa Barton took to Twitter to complain about the film mentioning her DUI arrest.

"Really #sofiacoppola #theblingring my name? Shame on you," Barton tweeted Wednesday.

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Later she complained, "The whole idea of this movie, granted, I haven't seen it, creeps me out #theblingring . #undeserved"

Barton was still bothered by the Emma Watson starrer late Thursday night, after tweeting about several other things, writing: "Why does this movie sound so awful! Wish it didn't exist #theblingring"

Audiences who helped the film gross nearly $5 million worldwide might disagree.