Misher to go Wandering with Sony


hadow of the Colossus" is heading to the big screen. The colossally popular video game is being developed as a feature by producer Kevin Misher, who has the project set up at Sony. The studio's sister division Sony Computer Entertainment is behind the video game.

Justin Marks, the young scribe who's writing "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea" for McG at Disney, is attached to pen the script.

"Colossus," which was developed for the PlayStation 2, was released in the U.S. in 2005 and quickly became a huge hit and critical favorite.

The game centers on the character Wander, who travels with his horse Agro across a Western-style landscape to defeat enemies known as Collosi, with Wander's larger aim to save a girl named Mono.

The game's landscape is minimalist and lacks some of the ensemble characters of other video games; instead, the challenge lies in locating the remote Colossi and uncovering their weaknesses through a series of puzzlelike challenges. Its scenes and soundtrack are regarded by many as highly cinematic.

Video games have been a hot commodity in Hollywood development circles lately, with such titles as "Max Payne" and "BioShock" attracting top-level talent, though their boxoffice track record is a bit more checkered.

Misher has several movies set for release in the coming months, including the Channing Tatum-Terrence Howard street-fighting drama "Fighting" and Johnny Depp period gang pic "Public Enemies." The WMA-repped Marks also is attached to pen the comic book adaptation "Suicide Squad" for Warner Bros., among a number of other projects. (partialdiff)
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