Miss Gold Digger

Joie de vivre, yes; sophistication, no.

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The film's English title suggests that it's a modern Korean variation on Hollywood screwball comedies like "How to Marry a Millionaire." It's a bit misleading as "Miss Gold Digger" is less a satire on women's vanity than a reflection on women's insecurity.

Developed from an award-winning screenplay, "Miss Gold Digger" has joie de vivre but not enough sophistication. Where there should be risque repartee and sexy shenanigans, director Park Yong-jib simply dishes out run-of-the-mill sitcom fare. Luckily, leading lady Han Ye-seul's likable mixture of self-possession and self-doubt and her character's growth enables her to carry the story through to its enlightened ending.

With a brisk rhythm and effective editing, the film packs in a fair amount of comic scrapes plus dream sequences (though some might be better off left at the editing table), before getting to its roundabout message that women suppress their true selves only to live up to male fantasy.