Trial run for digital

The FCC plans to test the digital TV switch by turning off the analog TV signal in Wilmington, N.C. Shutting off the signal there will give federal regulators a test case before the nationwide transition to DTV on Feb. 17. Commercial broadcasters serving the Wilmington television market voluntarily agreed to turn off their analog signals at noon Sept. 8.

Monahan with Gunn

Bravo has tapped Gretta Monahan — fashion expert, personal stylist and owner of Grettacole Spas, Salons and Boutiques in Boston — to serve as Tim Gunn's "fashion accomplice" for Season 2 of "Tim Gunn's Guide to Style." Monahan replaces Veronica Webb in the series, which returns this year.

friendly Gladiators

NBC is launching an application on Facebook based on "American Gladiators." "The Official American Gladiator Challenge" will present interactive games based on the show's competitions, including Hit & Run, Pyramid and the Wall. Users will be able to compete against their friends and measure their success.