bAnd access for all

Metallica is letting fans listen in on recording sessions for its next album via the newly launched Mission: Metallica. The site will stream writing/recording sessions, riffs and excerpts from the album and offer chances to win backstage passes for its upcoming tour. The band also is offering a premium level of membership that will deliver the finished CD to fans' homes the day of release, among other benefits.

Beat it, you kids!

Any kids who tried to buy the Mature-rated "Grand Theft Auto IV" in its first week probably were out of luck. The Federal Trade Commission sent undercover shoppers ages 13-16 into various establishments, and only 20% were able to buy unrated games, a big drop from 42% in a 2006 survey.

God, I hope I get it

Tour producers of "A Chorus Line" and the Center Theater Group have teamed for an online talent competition. Hopefuls can log on to www.CenterTheaterGroup.org/audition to compete for an audition with video clips, photos and a blog. The top 17 will get a live callback June 7.

wii play

Nintendo's WiiWare launched Monday in the U.S., giving Internet-connected Wii owners the chance to download original games. It's a laboratory of sorts for low-budget games, allowing smaller developers to sell their games while larger publishers can experiment with new ideas.