The first regular "Meet the Press" following the death of moderator Tim Russert continued the show's years-long winning streak. Nielsen said Thursday that Sunday's "Press" towered over its public-affairs competition with 4.5 million viewers. That was well ahead of CBS' "Face the Nation" (2.6 million), ABC's "This Week" (2.3 million) and "Fox News Sunday" (1.2 million).

WEB TAX smacked

The European Commission has poured cold water on French President Nicolas Sarkozy's plan to use a tax on Internet service providers and telecoms to fund public television. If the tax is slapped on Internet users, it would be illegal under the EU's electronic communications law, commissioners have warned. And if the receipts are pumped into public broadcasters, it would be a government subsidy and likely inadmissible under EU state aid law.


Comedy Central is about to show America that daddy doesn't know best when it roasts comedian Bob Saget. Saget will quickly learn that this is no family-friendly event and will be begging for a timeout during the roast. The "Comedy Central Roast of Bob Saget" airs Aug. 17.


Sci Fi Channel has appointed Tim Krubsack as vp alternative programming.