NBC Uni eyes JAPAN

NBC Universal may apply for broadcast rights in Japan when the Ministry of Communications begins accepting applications in March and allots licenses around June. Without citing sources, the Nikkei financial daily reported last week on its Web site that NBC Uni would begin broadcasting in July 2011. The channel, likely to be named Universal Channel, would be available for a fee.

Cuts …

CBS News has trimmed its work force and reduced bureaus in Europe and the Middle East, and its one-person bureau in Bonn, Germany, has been shuttered as part of the news division's review of operations amid the backdrop of the worsening economy. Fewer than 20 people were laid off.

… and more cuts

A&E Television Networks and ReelzChannel have become the latest media companies to hand out pink slips this month. AETN, which includes A&E Network, History and Biography Channel, has laid off 20 staffers, including full-time employees in the digital-media division and several freelancers. ReelzChannel, meanwhile, has laid off 40-plus employees, mostly because network execs have decided to reformat the weekday movie-news show "Dailies."
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