Missing 'Superman' Producer Has Been Found

Ilya Salkind, who has been missing since Sunday, is in a Mexican hospital.

Legendary Superman producer Ilya Salkind – who went missing over the weekend - has been found, TMZ reports.

Salkind, 63, flew to his native Mexico City recently to oversee work on a property he inherited from his late mother.
After he went to run errands Sunday, he never returned home.
Worried, his friends filed a missing persons report with Mexican police on Tuesday and launched a Web site to find him.
A friend of Salkind tells TMZ that Ilya was found alive in a hospital Thursday morning.
It is unclear why he was hospitalized or why he hasn't been able to contact anyone. 
The site reports he is currently sedated and friends "are waiting to speak with the doctor to find out more information."
Salkind is known for securing the rights for a live-action Superman film in 1974, leading to the 1978 movie starring Christopher Reeve as the Man of Steel, directed by Richard Donner.