'Mission: Impossible 4' Pulled in $46.1 million on Imax Screens Over Holiday Season

Mission Impossibe- Ghost Protocol - Tom Cruise Climbing Building - 2011 h

The giant screen exhibitor touts the success of the Tom Cruise-starring tentpole since debuting exclusively on its super-sized screens for five days since December 16.

TORONTO - Paramount's Tom Cruise-starrer Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol has grossed $46.1 million in Imax theaters since debuting in early release on December 16, the giant screen exhibitor reported Tuesday.

Toronto-based Imax will now be hoping that $46.1 million is enough to make it a preferred early release window for studio pictures, based on the performance of the tentpole on its giant screens over the holiday season.

Imax CEO Richard Gelfond declared the early Imax-only window a success for the Hollywood blockuster release, not least for boosting foot traffic to the multiplex roll-out of Mission: Impossible 4 from December 21.

“Fans and critics all over the world who previewed this blockbuster in Imax generated the positive word-of-mouth and social media buzz that helped drive the strong box office results we see today and we believe this will continue to support the film's success throughout its run,” Gelfond said.

Paramount offered Mission: Impossible 4, which has around 30 minutes of footage shot using Imax cameras, to the giant screen exhibitor for an exclusive five-day run on its super-sized screens from December 16.

Through Monday, Imax said the tentpole has generated around $33.1 million on domestic Imax screens, and approximately $13 million internationally in Imax theaters.

To date, Mission: Impossible 4, which is directed by Brad Bird and co-financed by David Ellison's Skydance Productions, has an overall gross of $367 million worldwide.