'Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol' to Pre-Release on 200 Screens Internationally From December 14

"Mission: Impossible -- Ghost Protocol"
David James/Paramount Pictures

Paramount Pictures will give the Tom Cruise-starrer a six day sneak peek in the Netherlands, five days in Britain, and three days in France and Poland.

TORONTO - Paramount Pictures’ Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol will open on 200 screens from December 14, two days before another 300 domestic screens pre-release the Tom Cruise-starring action picture on December 16.

Well before the wide theatrical release of Mission: Impossible 4 from December 21, Imax screens in the Netherlands will have a six day early release, compared to five days in the UK, three days in France and Poland, two days in Korea, Spain and Taiwan, and one day in various other countries worldwide.

It’s all part of a gamble by Paramount Pictures to build buzz for the blockbuster release on the Imax platform, before Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol lands in the local multiplex.

Besides the early engagement window, the Imax release of the fourth installment of the Mission: Impossible franchise features around 30 minutes of scenes shot with Imax cameras, including one scene where Cruise scales the world's tallest building in Dubai.