Missoni for Target Merchandise Floods eBay

Ryan Seacrest and Mindy Kaling among the industry players commenting on the fashion line.

More than 20,000 Missoni for Target items have been posted for sale on eBay less than 24 hours since becoming available.

Some of the most expensive items to turn up on the Internet auction site were the Missoni bike (retail $399, eBay for up to $1135), a tea set (retail $40, eBay $400), and a comforter/sham set (retail $99, eBay $400), notes Fashionista.com.

Target launched its 400-item Missoni for Target line Tuesday. Demand for the high-end label at low-end prices was so great that shoppers cleared merchandise from store shelves and the Target website, at times causing the site to crash. Even when the site was operable, many of the Missoni items sold out less in less than 24 hours online. The promotion was originally scheduled to run for six weeks.

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Target apologized for its site issues via Twitter but has yet to address the reselling of items on Ebay. There are no plans to restock the Missoni merchandise in stores or online.

The Office's Mindy Kaling was among those who experienced the downed site and was dismayed to discover the eBay secondary market for the Missoni merchandise. She tweeted, "@target broke my heart today when I could not access their site once in 9 hours for Missoni." She later wrote, "So all of @target is totally sold out of Missoni and the only way to get it is from extorting eBay trolls??"

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Hollywood fashionista and New Girl star Zooey Deschanel responded to one of Kaling's tweets, "should probably be called Missoni for Target for eBay."

Cougar Town's Busy Philips also commented, "Can I just say, the people putting the Missoni for Target stuff on eBay?? Total FAIL."

However, Oprah Winfrey, who attended the company's national sales meeting Wednesday in Minneapolis, had no problem picking up a Missoni item. She tweeted, "Spent the day going to and from Minneapolis. Gorgeous CLEAN city.had a fun time meeting our friends at TARGET! Got a MIssoni box!"

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Also, Ryan Seacrest pondered about Target for Missoni etiquette, "When u buy a $100 Missoni towel for $10 at Target, how much do u tell your houseguests it cost?

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