Mitt Romney Gets the Harvey Weinstein Treatment in Faux 'Hindsight' Trailer (Video)

Bradley Cooper narrates the short clip, in which the film producer reunites his “Seal Team Six” team.

Harvey Weinstein’s politics are no secret.

On the heels of Weinstein’s Seal Team Six: The Raid on Osama bin Laden, which scored record ratings for Nat Geo Sunday night, the film producer is turning his focus to Republican candidate Mitt Romney.

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Weinstein debuted on Tuesday, election day, a short trailer for a “comedy” called Hindsight, which explores Romney’s political campaign over the last year. The clip is narrated by Bradley Cooper and shows Romney’s various media appearances, as well as a portion of his infamous 47 percent speech.

“Based on the spectacular success of Seal Team Six, several journalists have asked me what a film on Mitt Romney would look like,” Weinstein wrote on The Huffington Post. “I told them it would definitely be a comedy, so I decided to get the Seal Team Six team back together. John Stockwell and Meghan O’Hara have joined forces with me on the feature film Hindsight.”

See the video in the player above.

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The liberal Weinstein has long been a champion for President Obama. He appeared on Piers Morgan Tonight on Monday, where he poked fun at Republicans John McCain and Rudy Giuliani for their recent criticisms of the president.

“I love politics, should make a movie about these guys. They’re brilliant actors,” he said. “I could have McCain, you know, star in any movie, have Rudy Giuliani play the crazy villain in any movie, and I voted for the guy.

“These guys are the best actors. I’m getting rid of Brad Pitt and Clooney tomorrow,” he continued. “I’m firing them. I know I can get McCain much cheaper, and I can get Giuliani much cheaper to play a James Bond villain.”

In August, Weinstein co-hosted a lavish fundraiser for Obama at his Connecticut compound alongside Anne Hathway, Aaron Sorkin and Anna Wintour. Admission was $35,800 per person for the event, with about 50 guests in attendance.