Mitt Romney's 2007 'Meet the Press' Appearance Provides Fodder for Newt Gingrich Campaign (Video)

Mitt Romney
Scott Olson/Getty Images

Polls show that Mitt Romney is first in the hearts of California Republicans, and he'll be the first of the party's presidential hopefuls to visit Los Angeles for a fundraiser Dec. 6 at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

Four years after promotions for his first presidential campaign, the hopeful's televised comments about immigration are being used against him by his opponent.

Of all the negative catchphrases to get thrown around on the campaign trail, "flip flopper" is one of the dirtiest.

And that's just what Republican presidential hopeful Newt Gingrich is saying about fellow candidate Mitt Romney after the two butted heads on immigration during the Tuesday G.O.P. debate.

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The argument focuses on their respective takes on what should be done about illegal immigrants currently living in the United States. Gingrich seemed to suggest that he was open to finding a pathway to citizenship for current illegal immigrants, which Romney shot down.

Wednesday, Gingrich fired back with a tweet.

"Here's a trip down memory lane," he wrote with a link. "So what's your position on citizenship for illegals again?"

The link was to Romney's 2007 appearance on Meet the Press, where he said the following: "Those people who had come here illegally and are in this country, the 12 million or so that are here illegally, should be able to sign up for permanent residency or citizenship."

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Romney's camp came out saying the clip was taken out of context and that he never been in favor of "special guarantees" for citizenship.

Gingrich, who has insisted that he opposes any such guarantee, came under fire from his opponents during Tuesday's debate when he said he was not in favor of separating families to deport illegal immigrants.

Watch part of Romney's 2007 Meet the Press appearance below: