Mitt Romney App Mocked for Making Paul Ryan Announcement Hours Late

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Meanwhile, a Tumblr meme juxtaposing pick up lines with alluring pictures of the Republican running mate reemerged to mark the occasion.

Sometimes the latest technology is just … late.

For those who were chomping at the bit to learn who presidential candidate Mitt Romney would tap for his running mate, the former Massachusetts governor's campaign released a special VP app, which it touted as a first-alert system.

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“There's no telling when Mitt will choose his VP. But when he does, be the first to find out with Mitt's VP app,” a message on the campaign’s website read.  

But in what has been described as a major fail, the media reported that Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan was the choice hours before Romney’s official 9 a.m. announcement Saturday.

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The app was skewered on Twitter for its tardiness:

But for Ryan fans disappointed that his ticket debut didn’t go as planned, perhaps they can take comfort in knowing that he is making a comeback on Tumblr. Hey Girl, It's Paul Ryan, a meme pasting pickup lines over alluring pictures of the congressman, reemerged from its months-long hibernation to mark the occasion.

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A photo of Ryan and Romney together noted the candidates' lustrous heads of hair: “Hey girl, This ticket may have some incredible hair, But your ticket is still to my heart.”

Another played up Ryan’s passion for the federal budget: “Hey girl, “That figure? I know you built that.”

Perhaps the Romney camp shouldn’t’ feel too bad over its app woes, as even the tech-savvy 2008 Obama campaign fell victim to its own VP announcement fail. 

In August 2008, then-presidential candidate Barack Obama planned to unveil his VP pick via a text message. But the choice of then-Sen. Joe Biden was uncovered by the media two hours before the mass text went out.