Mitt Romney Reflects on His White House Bid in First TV Interview Since Election Loss (Video)

Mitt Romney's Tan

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In their pre-taped interview on Fox News Sunday, the Republican nominee says he and his wife Ann still mourn the loss, and Ann says she is "happy to blame the media."

Ann Romney on Sunday partially blamed media bias for her husband’s losing bid to become U.S. president, complaining that liberal journalists didn’t give him "a fair shake, and people weren’t allowed to really see him for who he was."

Ann and Mitt Romney were speaking to Chris Wallace on the Fox News Channel during the couple’s first interview since Barack Obama was reelected to a second presidential term in November.

“I’m happy to blame the media,” she said with a chuckle.

“Do you think the media was in the tank for Barack Obama?” Wallace asked.

"I think that any time you are running for office, you always think that you are being portrayed unfairly, and, you know, we -- of course, on our side believe there is more bias in favor of the other side," Ann said. "I think that, you know, that is a pretty universal -- universally felt opinion."

The taped interview aired Sunday on Fox News Sunday. See video below.

Later, Wallace asked Ann if she was approached by Dancing with the Stars.

"I was," she said with a laugh. “I did consider it.  I was -- I love the show."

“I would've loved to have done it, and I am turning 64, and I started thinking about it," she continued. "I'm not really as flexible as I should be … And now I know -- I understand, Dorothy Hamill has been picked, and I thought, ‘Oh my gosh, am I glad I didn't do that!’  I wouldn't want to compete against Dorothy!”