Mitt Romney, 'The Office' Parodied By Justin Long in Political Ad (Video)

Justin Long Headshot - P 2011
Larry Busacca/Getty Images

Justin Long Headshot - P 2011

The three-minute spot, sponsored by, pokes fun at the GOP candidate’s record of firing employees while at Bain Capital.

Justin Long is getting in the political game.

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The actor appears as Mitt Romney in a new ad from, which parodies NBC’s The Office. The three-minute spot, titled “Mitt’s Office,” shows the GOP candidate joyfully firing a slew of employees in a variety of cruel and unusual ways.

“I’ve been accused of not having a heart,” he says in the video. “But to be fair it was from a guy I laid off right before he had double bypass surgery. So really, the accusation should have probably gone the other way around.”

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The video adds to mounting criticism of Romney, stemming from his business record as CEO of Bain Capital.  Also addressed in the parody is Romney’s alleged tax avoidance in a segment titled, “Mitt, Where Are Your Tax Returns?”.

“Mitt Romney is our very own modern-day Gordon Gekko,” said Long in a statement. “I made this video because it was a chance to play a presidential candidate who is exactly the kind of guy the 99% have been protesting against.”

Watch the full video below.